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The Board is accepting applications for the staff position of Policy and Planning Specialist; closes October 31, 2014. https://jobs.agencies.virginia.gov/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?postingId=990301

New! 2014 Assessment

2014 AssessmentThe most updated version of the Board’s comprehensive Assessment of the Disability Services System in Virginia, is now available. Access the online, searchable PDF files (available for download) at http://www.vaboard.org/assessment.htm or request a CD or hard copy (limited supply) by e-mailing info@vbpd.virginia.gov today.

Council Connection Blog

Council Connection BlogHave you visited our new blog? It?s named after our newsletter?and features longer format articles on policy, budget, housing, transportation, education, and Partners in Policymaking and the Youth Leadership Forum. You can access it by visiting va-board.blogspot.com or through the site tools under Connect & Share.

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