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VBPD FeedbackWe want to hear from you—about Board training programs, advocacy activities, outreach, and more. Your opinion matters, so take time (typically 5-10 minutes) to complete the online Consumer Satisfaction & Stakeholder Feedback survey at www.VbpdFeedback.com. It's anonymous & confidential.

Council Connection Blog

Council Connection BlogHave you visited our new blog? It’s named after our newsletter—and features longer format articles on policy, budget, housing, transportation, education, and Partners in Policymaking and the Youth Leadership Forum. You can access it by visiting va-board.blogspot.com or through the site tools under Connect & Share.

What Did the Board Do in 2013?

Program Performance Report Highlights Read about the year’s highlights, including the filming of “Place Matters;” advocacy; and grants for peer-to-peer mentoring, bringing transportation to rural areas, and expanding employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

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