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LogoThe Board is pleased to announce a grant award for over $448,000 to multiple Virginia organizations and their projects to encourage inclusive communities and improved policies and services for people with disabilities. For more details, see the Board's announcement HERE.

 The 2019 Virginia Board for People with Disabilities Disability Services Assessments have been published. The Assessments identify critical issues, data trends, and unmet needs of people with developmental disabilities, and offer recommendations for improving the accessibility, availability, and quality of Early Intervention and Community Living services and supports for people with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth.

2019 Assessment - Early Intervention
2019 Assessment - Community Living

Photo of a gavel The Independent Reviewer’s Report to the Court for the 14th review period has been released. The full text of the report can be found HERE.

LogoThe Board has created several handy new infographics to summarize our operations and the results of our 2017 Assessments!


LogoThe Board is pleased to announce a grant award for over $200,000 to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Service for a program to improve school readiness regarding children with disabilities in crisis situations. For more details, see the Board's announcement HERE.

 Virginia will be offering new high quality, low cost healthcare coverage to thousands of people with disabilities beginning January 1, 2019. Qualification criteria have changed and new plans are available. To see if you qualify and to get enrolled, visit

LogoThe Federal Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report Highlights are now available. You can download a copy of the highlights report HERE.

 The VBPD has issued its response to the Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial regarding educating children with autism in general education classrooms. You can read the response here.

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